Thursday, January 22, 2015

 The Reverend Edward Catich art exhibit at the United States Air Force Academy Gallery continues through the month of January. His display includes works of watercolor, calligraphic broadsides and stained glass. The travelling Catich exhibits are sponsored by the Art Legacy League. Contact the A.L.L. with your recommendations for future Catich artwork exhibitions.

Paul Herrera has just returned from conducting a gallery lecture and lettering workshop for the Air Force cadets and Academy faculty. He presented a reed writing and brush writing class to the cadets on Monday, January 11. He gave a lecture and demonstration the following day in the Academy art gallery. Herrera explained the importance of Father Catich in relation to the history of Roman alphabet. Attendees tried their hand at reed writing, gold leaf application and inscription cutting techniques in an effort to have a greater understanding of the art on display.

The gallery is an interior room with exterior glass walls that make the activities visible to all who pass by on their way to other classes. The gallery activities were open to everyone; both faculty and cadets. All who participated showed a genuine interest and appreciation of proper techniques.

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