Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Reed College Herrera Calligraphy Workshop, January 2014

Paul taught a two-day seminar on “Brush Written Romans” during the annual Paideia celebration of learning at Reed College in Portland, OR.http://www.reed.edu/paideia/index.html  The seminar attendees began by studying the letter height-to-width ratio of the Imperial Roman letterform according to the letters found on the Trajan Inscription in Rome. Hand-made reed pens were provided for the transition from monoline writing to shaded writing and to facilitate the understanding of the proper thick-to-thin Roman proportion. The introduction of the brush led to day two which was devoted entirely to brush writing. An additional feature was a stone inscription demonstration by Paul. Participants were able to try their hand at cutting stone with a mallet and flat chisel. 30 people attended.

Father Robert Palladino dropped by for lunch on day 1 and we met for dinner the following day in Gresham, Oregon.

The third photo slide in the video above from left to right is Gregory MacNaughton, Robert Palladino and Paul.